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Test Blah Blah Blah

clock May 19, 2012 00:19 by author sdmiller

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Dentist Visit

clock February 4, 2012 04:32 by author mkmiller

So now that little man is 4, he got to go to the "big boy" dentist - aka the dentist that the rest of the family goes to.  Unfortunately, this was not his first visit to a dentist.  No, this little guy has had a dentist since he was 2 and ran into playground equipment at daycare.  So while he has been before, he hasn't ever gone to a non-pediatric dentist.  On the plus side this helped to differentiate the visit from his previous experiences (not the say that he had a problem with the pediatric dentist - just not the best memory when you go due to an injury in the mouth). 

He was such a big boy and hopped right on up into the chair.

Where he hung out and learned about all the tools that the dentist uses while we waited for the dentist.  Naturally I had to get a few pictures in - the beauty of a phone that takes decent pictures.  :)

And I think the dentist won him over while he got his teeth cleaned (and an xray of that front tooth too) since he knew all about Cars 2.  A dentist visit equated to his favorite movie was a HUGE hit.

Even though he did think Mommy took a few too many pictures.  But hey little guy you only go for your first visit once.


clock January 31, 2012 06:27 by author mkmiller

Our daughter has recently started back into gymnastics.  Makes sense as she wants to flip over the bars at the playground and does cartwheels and hand stands everywhere.  So on her second class back she decided she also wanted a ponytail.  Yes, the girl that hates to have me mess with her hair wanted a ponytail.  So with a little patience on her part, I was able to get it up.  She was so excited and wanted to get pictures so she could see it from every angle.  :)

(Not the best job ever, but hey it won't be up for more than 20 mintues before it slides out anyway.)

We are working through ponytail holders to see if there is one that can stay in for a whole hour.  :)  Let's just say we still aren't there just yet.

Birthday Party

clock January 28, 2012 06:00 by author mkmiller

This little boy had a party last weekend to celebrate turning 4.

And of course his sister was there to help him celebrate.  Party planning is a specialty of hers.  :)

Just a tad excited! (And yes, she picks our her own clothes in case you were wondering.)

See these two can be sweet to one another.  They just love each other too much sometimes.  ;)

But back to the party.  It was out a bounce place and there were lots of kids between the ages of 3 and 6 there.  And one almost one year old.  And adults.  Yes, lot of adults too.  :)

All the kids bounced and slid to their hearts content.

Mix in a little running from one bounce thing to another

and some air hockey and you have a bunch of happy (and sweaty) kids.

They even played a little basketball.

And just to prove it wasn't just the birthday boy having all the fun.

And after all the fun, the kids got to have a snack and cake.

I was so proud of this birthday boy.  He's been so shy over the years, that he has cried when everyone sings Happy Birthday because everyone is looking at him.  And so I figured this year would be bad since in the past it was just immediate family and grandparents and he couldn't take it and this year it was a whole group of friends and parents.  But he did very well!  Of course, to help we had his sister sit by his side (and she was very excited at the honor).

In fact, she took her role very seriousy and made sure he kept his crown on.

Though he really didn't want to and eventually convinced her it wasn't necessary.

She even helped blow out the candles.  :)  Shortly there after (about the time that half the cake had been cut) I realized that I never got a finished picture of the cake.  Oops!!  I was waiting until I got the cars on the cake, but when the time came I completely forgot.  Go figure - I spend all the time making the cake, but can't remember to take a picture of my work.  But you can kind of see it here.  It was a race track with grass around it.  Mater (driving backwards) and McQueen are on the track with Happy Birthday Justice written in red in between them.  And Fillmore, Luigi, Guido, and Sarge in the center as the pit crew.  The cake inside was strawberry per the birthday boy's request.

And they even had McQueen juice boxes.  :)

Happy 4th Birthday little man!

Birthday Boy

clock January 22, 2012 10:03 by author mkmiller

This past week has been all about this little boy.

This little boy is officially 4.  And he got to celebrate early with friends who also have January birthdays.

And then he got to celebrate on his actual birthday.

And then on Saturday he had his party.  His first "big" party.  And now we are done celebrating (though we do still have cake - yum!).  And yes, buddy you are still 4 and will be for a whole year.  :)

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