Husband, Father, Technology Addict

Software Developer

      I am a software developer working for ShareFile to develop amazing web application software.

If you haven't heard of ShareFile you soon will! We provide secure, flexible, feature rich file sharing software that can be easily integrated with your business. Check it out and take a free test drive!

I develop with .net technologies with experience with C#, javascript and jquery, ajax, xml, and xhtml, as well as solutions using php and mysql. I am continuing to learn and develop new skills everyday.

Past Projects that I have completed before working for ShareFile:
  • Built Entire Website and Content Management System (CMS): K-flex USA
  • EDI: Various Custom EDI Implementations: Nomaco
  • Custom Warehouse Temperature Sensor Integrations: Nomaco

     Software is much more than 1's and 0's that are converted into operations, visual images, and sounds. Software can be art as well as a tool. I develop software with heart and passion with an eye towards elegance and usability. If you have a project or idea in mind, I Can help!