Husband, Father, Technology Addict

Software Developer

Shawn Miller, Software Developer

     My name is Shawn Miller, I am a lover of music, and everything technology based. I began my professional career in resesarch and design, developing novel polymeric coatings, for a small start up in the Raleigh Area. After funding became scarce, and a reassessment on my lifes ambitions, I decided that if I was to work my tail off that I really need to do something I enjoy. Programming has been a hobby of mine for years, and loved to engross myself in the problem solving aspects of the craft. Before being let go from my Research position, I started taking classes in computer science. I worked hard, finished the program and have set off into the real world.

     Since graduating, I have found jobs here and there with the help of a mentor at BluSolutions, Inc. Bryan has taught me various aspects of .net programming and has given me the ability to learn new techniques and solve critical problems very quickly. By working with BluSolutions, I have been exposed to many types of architectural programming from Windows Service development to Web application Design and implementation. This experience has become invaluable early in my career.

     I want to work with people who are just as excited about technology. To be inspired is the goal of everyone who seeks a career. I am ready to be Inspired!